Get Ready to Roll Up Your Sleeves.

Peak’s BRAND REFINERY WORKSHOP 2019 provides you with an opportunity to: 

Increase ROI Opportunities. Attract Potential Customers. Enhance Your Brand.

Our industrial branding workshop, BRAND REFINERY, is a comprehensive workshop with
4 sessions tailored specifically to companies within the Industrial Sector.

This workshop is designed to learn more about the 3 C’s of industrial branding:

1) The essence of your company 

2) Your clients  

3) Your competition

We help you accelerate your growth by clarifying your business strategy and highlighting the uniqueness in your company. Our workshop will help to advance what you already do, and make your brand more compelling to your clients.  We’ll provide solutions for your brand that allow you to put your best foot forward and achieve the best possible alignment for your brand. Through this effort, your company will be able to achieve a better understanding of your brand to cut through the clutter and reach your ideal clients. 

Understanding Your Brand

Our workshop is designed to leave you with a single message that will effectively communicate your brand.

The outcome?

  • A clear understanding of your team & clients

  • Differentiation from your competition

  • A better idea of who you should be hiring 

discovery deep dive - Fully Customized 

You will receive a new and improved branding strategy, brand narrative, brand and product architecture, clarified goals and objectives, recommendations, and next steps.

Bringing Personality & Uniqueness to Your Company 

People don’t buy products or services; they buy outcomes. How do you position your brand in such a way so that no one can replicate you? This goes back to understanding the one thing that you are best at, and turning that into a message.


Through our workshop, you will learn:

  • Your own brand awareness 

  • How to further improve the uniqueness & personality of your company 

  • Why that is important to your clients 

Proud members of the ABC

Proud members of the ABC

We are excited the
ABC Pelican Chapter Team
will be joining us at our workshop!

Normally our Branding sessions are $2500/each for 4 sessions in total, $10,000 for a company. 

Through this workshop, we are offering special pricing which includes, sessions breakfast and our proprietary Brand Refinery workbooks for up to 4 members of your team:

ABC Members: $4000

Non ABC Members: $5000

 We are only taking 15 companies so we keep our VIP feel and can have plenty of one-on-one time with all of the teams. Sign up quickly as spots will go fast.

As a member of the ABC for 5 years and Chair of the Programs and Events committee in 2017, Peak Media’s Vice President, Alyssa Lundy has gotten to know this industry and its leaders. Alyssa and the Peak Media team have successfully expanded the brands of their clients by growing and expanding their awareness and uniqueness in the marketplaces they serve by utilizing the strategies learned in branding workshops just like this one.

Team Alignment 

We’ll start with identifying the fundamentals of your company, progress towards a solid marketing strategy, help to drive alignment throughout your team and ultimately define your one unifying mission. 

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If you are an ABC Member you will receive the $1000 discount.
You will receive an email with invoice. Team spot will not be held until full payment is received.

 Short & Sweet in just 4 Sessions

Learn how to build your brand and take your business to the next level in 4 separate sessions: 

UPCOMING: March 26 - April 16