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Principal/Media Director

With nearly 20 years of experience, Melissa has spent the better part of her career devising media strategies that enhance creative and elevate brands. Melissa understands that the most effective media strategy comes from a unique understanding of the brand and deep insight into the customer and stretching media investments like they are her own. In an effort to achieve goals, Melissa and her team have a whatever it takes attitude.  This translates to two, three or four rounds of negotiations to stretch the budget of a client and ensure the absolute best visibility for their clients’ campaign. This is what makes Melissa stand out.  
Prior to launching her business in 2007, Melissa honed her skills at one of the largest media agencies in the region and built a name for herself on the station side working in TV, Radio and Digital media as well. Melissa’s experience working on both the station side and the agency side of the business brings an incredibly unique perspective that most media planners and strategists don’t possess.  She understands the inner workings of the media entities because she’s been on both sides of the desk buying and selling. Melissa works as an additional arm to her clients’ business in negotiating the most effective and efficient media campaigns while keeping the creative strategy and the marketing strategy in line.  Melissa utilizes the most up to date tools to develop a strategic media plan that is in line with the client’s goals and objectives. Over the years she has provided clients with not just a more creative style of media, but integrated solutions as well.  This is a skill most media buyers do not possess.  Melissa’s vast experience encompasses successfully managing accounts in every major sector from automotive to medical, banking, maritime and beyond. Melissa believes in providing clients with tools for success- Research, Planning, Strategy, Execution, Promotions, Response Tracking and New Media Campaign Development. Her focus is on delivering a message to the target audience without waste on non-consumers. In simple terms, how are we going to get the largest # of targeted eyeballs for the least amount of money?  Melissa and her media team specialize in strategy/planning of local and national electronic media, print, out of home and web and know how to stretch a dollar for a client and give them maximum visibility with maximum efficiency.

Melissa has many titles and wears many hats.  Some of those include Principal of Peak Media, Wife to Patrick and Mother to Jackson and Greyson. Added to this list is her role as advocate and community activist for Autism and Cancer and especially children.  Melissa offers her resources and gifts to several local non-profits in the Baton Rouge community ranging from American Cancer Society to The Battle Against Autism and the Emerge Center.  Her passion is helping those in the Autism Community.  After Melissa’s son received an Autism diagnosis, she dug in, did her research and worked with some of the best physicians and clinicians available.  After successfully navigating her family through some challenging times, and recovering her son from the disorder, Melissa saw the need to advocate for children and support families with Autism Spectrum Disorders and Learning challenges in the Baton Rouge community.  Melissa has filled that need and more.  She devotes countless hours of her time to the Battle Against Autism, the Emerge Center and working directly with parents and children struggling with autism and learning differences. Melissa feels blessed and honored to serve both her clients at Peak Media but also her community.




VP of Operations & Design

Alyssa has more than 15 years of design, marketing and advertising, technology, social media, and customer service experience that ranges from running a national magazine to rebranding multimillion dollar companies. Her strengths lie in being able to deliver a brand that is true to the vision of a company.

She worked for both Disney and Apple in very intense customer facing roles which led to her being #5 in the world with her customer rating with Apple worldwide. She understands her clients and takes time to learn all facets of the company so the marketing strategies are highly effective in reaching their ideal client.

She is President of the BEST BNI Chapter, and Chair of the Programs and Events Committee for the Association of Builders and Contractors.


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Michael Wilson

Director of Social Media and Digital Strategy

For almost 20 years Michael has worked at nearly every level of local media, digital development, and marketing. A professional 'Jack of all trades' from editing and designing publications, television production, developing enterprise level websites and apps to leading sales, support, and marketing teams managing 100 plus account. 

Michael has won awards in journalism and marketing awards and server on the boards of several professional organization. He has most recently brought his vast experience to the marketing space believing "Every business and organization needs marketing." 

He heads Social Media and Digital Strategy for Peak where he brings his laserlike focus, research, and understanding to clients' big-picture goals and measurable and detailed results. 

Michael is also a happily married father of four and a caregiver for an adult brother with Autism. He is also a varsity high school lacrosse coach and the Director of a youth lacrosse program and active with church-related organizations. 


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Kevin White


Kevin has been producing beautiful high-end video at all budgets for over 15 years.  From Louisiana to Los Angeles, Kevin has worked with the best.  

Kevin transitioned over 15 years ago from the movie business over to creative services.  He is taking all the experience / skill obtained from working on movies and implementing the knowledge onto business clients.  The transition is natural as the film business uses all the same tactics to distribute and build awareness.



Richie Adams

Strategic Partner/ TV & Video
Owner / River Road Creative

Richie Adams is a writer, director, and producer who cut his teeth in film as a title designer, and over the past ten-plus years has worked with many of the great players in film and television.

Graduating from the University of Colorado at Boulder, Richie Adams freelanced in advertising before attending Otis School of Art and Design in Los Angeles, where he was handpicked by Richard Alan Greenberg of main title fame (Alien, Superman, Matrix) to be Art Director for his new company, RAGinc, and, later, Creative Director of Greenberg’s next company, Ignite Creative, where Richie designed and produced main title sequences and motion picture advertising for films such as S.W.A.T., The Last Samurai, and Mr. & Mrs. Smith.

After several years in Los Angeles, Richie returned to hometown, Baton Rouge, LA,

where he continues to offer design and related services for film and television (Creed, Hunger Games: Mockingjay Parts 1 & 2, Babel), as well as directing/producing commercials, which have garnered awards and accolades at most of the major award competitions, including an EMMY® nomination.

In 2014, Adams wrote, directed and produced his second feature film, “Of Mind and Music,” which played on the 2014-2015 film festival circuit garnering several audience awards and jury awards, including two Best Director awards. Adams was also nominated for the Best New Director Award at the 2014 Vancouver International FIlm Festival.

“Of Mind and Music” was released domestically in theaters in March 2016 through Monterey Media, and has garnered much critical acclaim (HOLLYWOODREPORTER.COM))



Frank McMains


Frank is a photographer and writer with a broad range of experience in retail, commercial arts, editorial writing, and environmental documentary. He has worked with clients at a variety of scales, from small non-profits to international consumer product makers. 

Frank has a BA from the University of North Carolina, Greensboro and an MBA from LSU. He brings his small business experience and training to the creative process, helping clients on both sides of the camera. He is also handy in the kitchen.